Q: The villagers are gone when I explored! How could I get them back!
A: just re-login and everyone should be back.

Q: But I re-login in already and they are still not there.
A: You somehow moved your spawnpoint using MC edit. Sleeping doesn't affect the spawnpoint. Also, you may have deleted your save file.

Q: I used the fix option! now my stuff in the chests are gone!
A: You shouldn't put your stuff in other's chest anyways! but yeah, it replaces the chests as well when you fix the building

Q: How far away from the guild do I need to be to build a town?
A: 200 blocks. If you are going diagonal, things will really look far, go perpendicular with the sun or the moon

Q: Does this work on SMP?
A: Nope, sorry.

Q: How many mobs do i have to kill to get full honor?
A: Quite a few