1. First you want to make a new world to start your journey
  2. Then about 1 to 5 seconds of world creation a button should pop up and it should say "Start Your Conquest" Click it!
  3. Look around and you should see a gravel path to the "guild" walk along the gravel path to the entrance
  4. Once your inside look around for the "inn" and go up the stairs
  5. There should be a path way follow it. Then once inside the next building Hug the right wall into what seems to be a room for the knights.
  6. Look for a Log archway and inside you should see the "guild master" Right Click on him and three options should appear saying "Sign up Contract!" , "Hire Hunters" , "Exit"
  7. Click "Sign up Contract" this is your first real step into beginning your journey.
  8. Then go kill enough "monsters" (not farm animals) to earn honor and in the "guild master's" menu at the bottom there is a gauge of how much honor is needed to Become King.
  9. Once you have obtained enough honor go back to the "inn" and talk to the city builder.
  10. The city builder will follow you to where you want to create your kingdom you must be at least 200 blocks away from guild to create.
  11. When you have found a nice place to build simply right click him and a menu should pop up saying "give 64 wood" , "give 64 cobblestone" , "build tier 1 city base"
  12. You must click "build tier 1 city base" to build your city.
  13. Go find him in your city and right click him again and you will see a bunch of building to build but before you can build anything you need to collect 5 stacks of 64 wood and cobblestone to build 1 building.
  14. I recommend building an item mall first but you can build anything you want.
  15. Your on your own now just keep building buildings and upgrade your city.