Lava:0 Gold
Sand:10 Gold
Gravel:5 Gold
Gold Ore:100 Gold
Iron Ore:80 Gold
Coal:15 Gold
Log:5 Gold
Leaves:0 Gold
Sponge:0 Gold
Glass:30 Gold
Lapis:0 Gold
Lapis Block:180 Gold
Dispenser:270 Gold
SandStone:40 Gold
MusicBlock:20 Gold
Bed:40 Gold
BoosterRail:152 Gold
DectectorRail:85 Gold
StickyPiston:185 Gold
Web:0 Gold
TallGrass:0 Gold
DesertShrub:0 Gold
Piston:105 Gold
Cloth:12 Gold
YellowFlower:10 Gold
Roes:40 Gold
Mushrooms:15 Gold
GoldBlock:1350 Gold
IronBlock:765 Gold
StonSlab:6 Gold
BrickBlock:800 Gold
TNT:800 Gold
BookShelf:70 Gold
MossyStone:250 Gold
Obsidian:50 Gold
Torch:5 Gold
Fire:0 Gold
MobSpawner:0 Gold
WoodStairs:0 Gold
Chest:10 Gold
RedstoneDust:5 Gold
DiamondOre:360 Gold
DiamondBlock:3807 Gold
WorkBench:5 Gold
Crops:0 Gold
FarmLand:0 Gold
Furnace:10 Gold
Sign:13 Gold
WoodenDoor:6 Gold
Ladder:3 Gold
MinecartRail:30 Gold
StoneStairs:0 Gold
Lever:1 Gold
PreasurePlates:2 Gold
IronDoor:500 Gold
RedStoneOre:10 Gold
NotGate:10 Gold
Button:5 Gold
SnowBlock:15 Gold
Ice:0 Gold
SnowSheet:0 Gold
Cactus:3 Gold
Clay:20 Gold
Reeds:0 Gold
JunkBox:245 Gold
Fence:5 Gold
Pumpkin:120 Gold
NetherRack:0 Gold
SoulSand:15 Gold
GlowStone:60 Gold
NetherPortal:0 Gold
LitPumpkin:125 Gold
Cake:300 Gold
Diode:25 Gold
LockedChest:0 Gold
TrapDoor:3 Gold
Stone:30 Gold
Mushroom:0 Gold
IronBars:32 Gold
GlassPane:12 Gold
Melon:0 Gold
PumpkinStem:0 Gold
Vines:30 Gold
FenceGate:10 Gold
BrickStairs:0 Gold
StoneStairs:0 Gold
IronShovel:87 Gold
IronPickaxe:257 Gold
Flint&Steel:89 Gold
Apple:20 Gold
Bow:250 Gold
Arrow:4 Gold
Coal:15 Gold
Diamond:405 Gold
IronIngot:85 Gold
GoldIngot:0 Gold
IronSword:160 Gold
WoodSword:5 Gold
WoodShovel:6 Gold
WoodPickaxe:8 Gold
WoodAxe:8 Gold
StoneSword:10 Gold
StoneShovel:6 Gold
StonePickaxe:14 Gold
StoneAxe:14 Gold
DiamondSword:855 Gold
DiamondShovel:462 Gold
DiamondPickaxe:1380 Gold
DiamondAxe:1380 Gold
Stick:1 Gold
Bowl:0 Gold
MushroomStew:0 Gold
GoldSword:0 Gold
GoldShovel:0 Gold
GoldPickaxe:0 Gold
GoldAxe:0 Gold
String:75 Gold
Feather:2 Gold
Gunpowder:150 Gold
WoodHoe:6 Gold
StoneHoe:10 Gold
IronHoe:172 Gold
DiamondHoe:921 Gold
GoldHoe:0 Gold
Seeds:0 Gold
Wheat:5 Gold
Bread:15 Gold
LeatherHelment:75 Gold
LeatherChestPlate:120 Gold
LeatherLeggings:90 Gold
LeatherBoots:60 Gold
ChainHelment:0 Gold
ChainChestPlate:0 Gold
ChainLeggings:0 Gold
ChainBoots:0 Gold
IronHelment:425 Gold
IronChestPlate:595 Gold
IronLeggings:560 Gold
IronBoots:320 Gold
DiamondHelment:2115 Gold
DiamondChestPlate:3384 Gold
DiamondLeggings:2961 Gold
DiamondBoots:1410 Gold
GoldHelment:0 Gold
GoldChestPlate:0 Gold
GoldLeggings:0 Gold
GoldBoots:0 Gold
Flint:4 Gold
RawPorkchop:10 Gold
CookedPorkchop:15 Gold
Painting:25 Gold
GoldenApple:9001 Gold
Bucket:255 Gold
WaterBucket:325 Gold
LavaBucket:345 Gold
Minecart:400 Gold
Saddle:1900 Gold
IronDoor:500 Gold
Redstone:4 Gold
SnowBall:0 Gold
Boat:10 Gold
Leather:15 Gold
Milk:270 Gold
Brick:0 Gold
Clay:5 Gold
Reeds:7 Gold
Paper:35 Gold
Book:23 Gold
Slimeball:0 Gold
MinecartChest:0 Gold
MinecartFurnace:0 Gold
Egg:20 Gold
Compass:240 Gold
FishingRod:24 Gold
Clock:615 Gold
GlowstoneDust:15 Gold
RawFish:10 Gold
Cookedfish:15 Gold
Dyes:0 Gold
Bone:15 Gold
sugar:5 Gold
Cake:300 Gold
Bed:40 Gold
Cookie:100 Gold
Map:575 Gold
Shears:160 gold
Melon:40 Gold
Pumpkinseeds:80 Gold
MelonSeeds:60 Gold
RawBeef:15 Gold
CookedBeaf:20 Gold
RawChicken:5 gold
CookedChicken:10 Gold
RottenFlesh:1 Gold
EnderPearl:150 Gold
Records:4000 Gold
GoldCoins:0 Gold

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