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 -Generate one guild per biome, each guild has a different cultural design based on their biome.
 -Each Guild has a special symbol/crest and a unque name.
 -Guilds are surrounded by small village/community
 -Guild Master can assign different contracts that are randomly picked.
 -All guilds have diplomatic ties to each other (Ally/Neutral/Enemy)
 -Guilds can capture another Guild as their own
 -Build a character relation within the guild/community
 -Citizens of the community/Guild guards have side/mini quest
-Guild start small and expand, such as the tier method
-Player can purchase lot or house
-Player can start a family
-Player can start a business within the guild
 Contract Examples:
  1. Kill 20 (Mob Types)
  2. Collect 20 (Resources)
  3. Arrest or Kill (Criminal)
  4. Transport Goods to a location
  5. Complete Diplomatic Deed with another Guild
  6. Evil guild found in Volcano biome and Pollution biome that are enemy to all guild but other evil guild
 -Guild Examples:
  1. Tundra: Russian/Viking
  2. Desert: Persian/Ottoman
  3. Forest: Crusader/Roman
  4. Island: Japanese (not a biome, but Japanese theme is cool)
  5. Highlands: Chinese
  6. Volcano: The Black Knights
  7. Pollution: The Black Knights


 -Guilds have a limited supply of coins
-Guilds generate more coins by mining gold/silver/bronze/diamonds
-Each guild has a marketplace outside of fortress walls
-Player can start a business within the marketplace
-Three forms of money:  Gold/Silver/bronze
-The law of supply and demand method
-Guild trade between each other

Tier 1:

-Wooden Defence Walls

-Small Wooden Buildings

-More of a small primitive village look

-gravel roads

Tier 2:

-Cobblestone building design

-Cobblestone Walls

Tier 3:

-Stone Wall

-Stone Buildings

-Two Story buildings

-Gate Mechanism

Tier 4: -Large Stone Buildings

-Watch Towers on Walls

-Huge castle look


-Palace for you to live in

Random Ideas:

-Capes for guilds

-Guild armor

-All GuildsCastles are connect by a road system (Bridges)

-Regular world common foe (mercenary camps)

-Farms/lower class house located outside city walls to provide more space for common wealth inside city walls

-Catapults, that shoot sand blocks

Mob Ideas


Spawning in Guilds, Rebels only reveal themselves as Rebels during the night, where they act just like either Black Warrior Dark or Black Warrior Red.

Black Warrior Dark

Said to be the spawn of a Human and a Enderman, these low-class warriors spawn in The Pollution. They are actually just Bandits that place endstone, can spawn in a new biome, and have a new name. This is reinforced by the fact you sometimes find them in Raided Villages.

Black Warrior Red

Said to be the spawn of a Human and a Netherman, these low-class warriors spawn in Volcanos. They are actually just Bandits that spawn in a new biome.

Biome Ideas


Poison and Endstone everywhere! In this biome, the Black Guild Dark members converge.


Mini-Nethers where you often see the Black Guild Red members.